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Indirect discrimination

What is indirect discrimination?

  • A person is required to meet some sort of unreasonable criteria that they cannot meet due to their disability, but which people without that disability probably will be able to meet.
    • When being treated the same as everyone else puts a person with a disability at a disadvantage
    • It is also discrimination if you require a person to meet the criteria without reasonable adjustments where the criteria can be met in this way.
    • Examples of indirect discrimination include:
      • telling a student with a disability that s/he has to complete work in the same timeframe as all the other students do;
      • requiring an employee who is vision impaired to access organisational materials through hardcopy only;
      • a shopkeeper requiring a person who is agoraphobic (e.g. frightened of being in a space with too many people) to enter the shop to purchase a product.

It is not always easy to know  if you have been  discriminated against.  Contact us to discuss your own case.